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“Coming to Sweden for the Fall Tour”


2010 Fall Tour Sweden!

The days are very full this week as I am preparing to board the plane for Sweden, arriving on the 14th of October. Your prayer is vital to my journey, so I am providing the Itinerary for you to follow with me as I go from city to city, sharing of His love, grace and faithfulness to men and women in Sweden. Through this blog, the big world becomes a small world after all! God is unlimited and I partner with Him on behalf of those who are ready to hear the good news! (The pictures above are from my Sweden Spring Tour)


Arrive in Sweden on the 14th of October…

October 18-24

  • Tuesday,  Women’s meeting in Mjölby/ Kristina Odenfors
  • Thursday, 7 pm (19:00) Skara, Tullen Meeting, Carl & Cecilia Wallgren
  • Friday,  7 pm (19.00) Skara, Pingstkyrkan, Pastor Ola Gustafsson
  • Saturday,  3 pm (15.00) Worship class, Skara, Pingstkyrkan
  • Saturday, 7 pm (19.00) Added to itinerary 10-16-10
  • Sunday,  11.00 am Sunday morning service, Skara Pingskyrkan

October 25-31

  • Monday, Ibios- Bibelskola,”Preparation for Ministry” Citykyrkan,  Stockholm, Paul Orlenius
  • Tuesday, Ibios- Bible School, ”Ministers Insight” Citykyrkan, Stockholm
  • Evening service, Citykyrkan, Stockholm, Pastor Jacob Orlenius
  • Wednesday, Ibios-Bible School, Citykyrkan, Stockholm
  • Friday –Sunday Folkkyrkan, Sölvesborg, Pastor Tommy Lilja.



i Sölvesborg 29–31 oktober


Paige Junaeus


Lördag 19.00

Söndag 11.00 & 16.00

Lörd 14–17, anmälan


One of my most enjoyable experiences was bonding with Charlie – a special boy in our family! Looking forward to seeing he and Jessica again on this trip.

Little Charlie - my grandnephew!



Living Life for others…

Sometimes you just need to go… go and do what’s in your heart!  I mean to really live the life that even you imagine for yourself. I guess that’s what I was experiencing on my tour in Sweden. On this trip I flew solo due to the fact that the timing to travel was right for me and wrong for everyone else.  However, in hindsight that’s the way it needed to be. Trust Him became my mantra everyday ~ trust in His grace and provision for each day of my journey.

Returning home I noticed something about my California Lifestyle. It’s funny how much we are influenced by our culture or even by the people that are around us on a daily basis.  For example, I live in Orange County and almost every time I’m asked to get together with a friend, we both start going down a mental list of our favorite restaurants.  That’s one thing people in this town will not give up, eating great foods and drinking California wines.  I don’t care how much we are all on a budget because of the recession, we always seem to find enough money to go out with friends or family, it’s just the California Lifestyle, even if we wear our finest and order soup! That’s just a small example of the Orange County social culture that we seem to adapt to, along with comfortable cars and beautiful homes, enjoying warm weather and the ocean breezes from the Pacific Ocean. I love my town, having lived here for about thirty-eight years now. You could say that it’s home for me and my family.

Living as a woman of faith, I have a strong desire to know God’s design for my life! On my journey I continue to realize that maybe it’s not just about me.  Maybe God is trying to show me that living life with others in mind and experiencing His love for people is a lesson I can’t afford to ignore. I have a desire to grow, getting rid of all the stuff “that I thought I needed” for living! After all, it’s just stuff, isn’t it?

I have realized something as I have been spending time in prayer…that the disconnection that we may feel at times, is not coming from God. It’s coming from us, not being able to hear and follow His Spirit well.  We have so much traffic in our lives to bring distractions. So I have asked God to show me how to follow Him and teach me to hear His Spirit daily. Join me!


Part 1

Live life.

I want to help you expand your understanding of “The Principles of Life”. My style is to share from my experience and personal challenges. Through my relationship with God and the scriptures, I want to demonstrate through practical teaching how you can acquire God’s strength and increase His power in your every day life! Anyone can live, but few live accordingly to his Amazing design. I have a passion to see your life be enveloped by His love, strength and power!

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