Monthly Archives: September 2008

Still small voice

This summer I had the opportunity to travel with my nineteen year old son Stefan to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He was on his way to register for his second year at ORU (Oral Roberts University).  A good friend of Stefan’s backed down at the last-minute due to his work schedule, so I offered to go on my first college road trip with my son. This created hours and hours of sharing conversation about life, God, and even Barack Obama running for President.

I was grateful for the opportunity because spending time with your young adult children is so important to their future and decision making! Learn to listen carefully and you will pick up their views and concepts…then with God’s Spirit you will be able to  guide and share the wisdom that you have learned through your own life experiences. You can be honest about your victories as well as mistakes.

Our children are our greatest treasures in life…treat them with respect and they will share their lives with you…and you will be a partner to that “still small voice”!

Always in LOVE…Paige