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Our Home

Our Home is the foundation for the entire family, to be loved, to love, and to be strengthen and encouraged.  Laying a firm foundation doesn’t happen overnight.  In my foundation growing up I experienced disappointments and lack of trust.  I can’t even remember a time when one of my parents sat down and read to me or prepared me for my future.  My siblings and I were busy keeping up with school, cleaning the house, and finding comfort in one another through the break outs of domestic violence. It created scares in all of us that needed to be repaired, however these experiences caused each of us to bring change (with God as our source) in the raising of our own children.

Together with God (The Father to the Fatherless) helped us to build a good foundation in layers, day by day.  A homegrown child is nurtured at home by involved parents, who are raised for character and not just achievement, who values faith and family! The goal is to build strength in them so that they  can stand firm when they are ridiculed for whatever reason, when they got cut from a team, or when their boy friend or girl friend breaks up with them, feeling like the  ground beneath them has been shaken.

What Is a Homegrown child?  Organic parenting and the home court advantage begin by looking forward.  A hands on approach from toddler to adolescence, and even staying in close contact when they move away to college or take a job. Preparing them for life, from the ground up.  I’m reminded of that song “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King, that moves all of us when we hear it….I guess what I’m trying to say is that “it takes our presence in our children’s lives”, together with God’s principles and resources. Walking it out with them  on a daily bases, teaching by example through love, patience, and a open heart when mistakes are made.

Years from now, when your son or daughter heads off to college or moves into their first apartment and you bid him or her farewell with teary eyes and a hopeful heart, what do you want your child to be able to handle?  What kind of foundation would you like him or her to have? Can they still come to us with their experiences in life without us freaking out on them?

Remember a homegrown child isn’t known by what he does as much as by what he is. That’s an important distinction that can be developed only through time and parental involvement.  I would pray and still do for God’s wisdom and ability, His Super on my natural to bring forth the best in my son through “His” grace and understanding.  It’s never to late to get involved…after all God is our “Restoration!”  Be Brave!!

A Mom!!!

“Making a difference”

Speaker at Intersection…

What a great opportunity to speak at the Intersection, “A Bible-Based Gathering for the Business Professionals.”  The location was beautiful, we met at the Casa 425 Hotel in Claremont California.  Berna Swodeck spoke first on prayer, that she composed with depth, meaning and clarity.  Followed by Jacob Swodeck, one of the founders, sharing and giving direction for the day.  My brother Tim Storey was able to be there as well, to listen and bring support. “I was in my element working and exercising my gifts.”

I shared a motivational message called Bringing words of experience and supportive scriptures to my context. I wanted to talk about a brilliant concept of how God really does interact with us on a daily bases. And begin to think about it in these terms. He is truly there to support, empower and enhance our gifts as he sees fit. Tracking together with us at all times bringing understanding to those who ask, that is…. “To Get Online with God”.

The message was designed around three components, influence, integrity and attitude. Everyone influences someone. Each one of us both influencing and being influenced by others.  That means that all of us are leading in some areas, while in other areas we are being led.  No one is excluded from being a leader or a follower.  We can use our influence in a very positive way in every transaction of business, however not without having integrity.  The most important ingredient of leadership is “Integrity”.  The dictionary defines integrity as “the state of being complete, unified.”  When I have integrity, my words and my deeds match up.  I am who I am, no matter where I am or who I am with.  So we want to influence with integrity along with maintaining a sound, healthy attitude.  Sounds tough I know.  However, their is an even greater component available to us…”God interacting with us!” Together with God as our partner (covenant relationship through Christ) we have His unlimited resources available to us.

I shared one of my favorite scriptures in the book of Matthew, chapter 6, it reads.

“Our Father in Heaven”, hallowed (holy, holy) be your name (for there is none like you, in your Greatness and Glory).

Then His prayer immediately proceeds to invite God into our present circumstance…

“Your Kingdom Come,” (it’s Power and Presence)

“Your will be done,” ( execute your word here) on earth (where my world needs your Presence, Power, and works…) as it is in Heaven (for an invasion of Heaven is needed where I live)!

When we begin to understand that integrity is maintained when we as “people” working together with others “truly care”, about what?  Other people!  Our spirit must be good.  David writes in the book of Psalms,

“Create in me a pure heart, Oh God,  and renew a steadfast Spirit within me…” As He shows us His love and how to care for others, we just created a win, win situation for both parties.  Because at the end of the day, His Presence (omnipresence) loves both the saved and the unsaved.  His Attitude shines through our lives. Let’s not forget why He died, for the “Unjust”!

Live life.

I want to help you expand your understanding of “The Principles of Life”. My style is to share from my experience and personal challenges. Through my relationship with God and the scriptures, I want to demonstrate through practical teaching how you can acquire God’s strength and increase His power in your every day life! Anyone can live, but few live accordingly to his Amazing design. I have a passion to see your life be enveloped by His love, strength and power!

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