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Written by Tim Storey 

"Approval from Others"

“The Approval of Others”

Just imagine with me for a moment, that special day when everyone notices all your hard work, praises you and makes sure you know it.  What exactly do you expect will happen that day?  We spend an incredible amount of time and energy planning and working for that day, but why? It will never arrive, and even if it does, it’s not clear that anything special happens.

Perhaps the approval of every person in the entire world doesn’t need to be the goal of your life. Perhaps there is something more important. Perhaps your life has value with or without other’s approval.

Praise temporarily fills the void created by the feeling of not being loved and we experience pleasant emotions. Because we don’t know how to close this void we figure that we can only be happy when others approve of us.

Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.” - Andrew Carnegie

The scriptures speak of the power of wise councel. There is a difference between listening to sound counsel and seeking the approval of others. Wise counsel will always direct you to finding your purpose and living it out. Wise counsel will always be more about you and your life’s direction and less about them and their agenda.

CHALLENGE: Consider today, living your life beyond the borders and limitations of those who surround you. Consider who you seek counsel from. Consider who you seek approval from. Consider rising to the challenge of being you. You have a purpose that is uniquely yours. Don’t you think it’s time you lived it out?

This is my little brother Tim… He is one of my heros! He is a very generous person and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  I was there when the Spirit of the Lord called him into what he does today. He has traveled across the world to Encourage, Inspirer, bringing healing to people both physical and spiritual. I’m so very grateful that he is in my Life…

I spoke in Stockholm and Tim was there to support me!


Only God gave us the "Dream"!

Only God gave us the “Dream”!  And we followed it!