turn2 a Devotion today…

Written by Paige Junaeus 

“He is the Father to the Fatherless”

Psalms 68:5 (NIV)

A father to the fatherless,

a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.

He is the father to the fatherless...

He is the father to the fatherless…





There are many kinds of earthly fathers in the world; some are loving, supportive, merciful, and faithful. The reality of today is that more and more have abandoned the forms and ideals of marriage and parenthood. This may result in society break down which often produces abusive, angry, and   disconnected fathers.


My father suffered from alcoholism for many years. So growing up in that environment caused me to develop trust issues and feelings of abandonment. During my adult life as I was seeking the scriptures for healing, so when I read those words with great joy, “He is the Father to the Fatherless,”  I began to realize that God loved me as his own. He was one that I could trust with my past, present and future. He was my very foundation and I wanted to know His Presence.


In the book of Matthew 6:9, Jesus directs us to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven”. These words bring to us the hope that God is our Father.  He is faithful to those who ask of him, and he knows our frame and how we were brought up. He sees our wounds and our weaknesses with eyes of compassion and mercy. He provided a way to know Him through Christ and empowered us by His Spirit.


No matter where you came from or what you have done, you have a Heavenly Father that waits for you to call out for him. And that is one prayer that He will hear, that you may be granted the experience of His loving Presence.


Prayer Optional


Lord I’m here, to seek your face, to know your voice and find my life in you. As I wait for you with a heart of anticipation, trusting that you are here with me. ‘Cause me to find rest in your Presence’.  Restore me by your Spirit, teaching me your ways. Bless me, ‘Oh God’ that I may know you as Father.

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