Written by Paige Junaeus

As N.T. Wright commentated, “Crucifixion was a powerful symbol throughout the Roman world. It was not just a means of Liquidating undesirables; it did so with the maximum degradation and humiliation. It said, loud and clear: we are in charge here; you are our property; we can do what we like with you. It insisted, coldly and brutally, on the absolute sovereignty of Rome, and of Caesar. It told an implicit story, of the uselessness of rebel defiance and the ruthlessness of imperial power. It said, in particular; this is what happens to rebel leaders. Crucifixion was a symbolic act with a clear and frightening meaning.” -Jesus and The Victory of God

When Jesus was crucified, the general impression in Jerusalem that day must have been that he was once more in a long line of would-be, but failed, Messiahs.

However the story doesn’t end there, does it? In the death of Christ laid a hidden reality of “Life.” And in those three days of death, Christ was changing our reality forever! He was changing all of creation, time, space, and matter. He was creating a new and “Living Way” for all! This is the greatest story ever told … join me in sharing your life with others. Telling your own story can and will change the minds and hearts of people around you. Ignite your world through the story of hope, guided by the Spirit of Christ. Be gentle and kind, because you never know where people have had to walk. The Spirit of God has been poured out upon all flesh. You will see “Him” in the mercy.~

Good Friday...

Good Friday…

The Celebration of the Resurrection is coming…

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