Getting Younger: For Life!

Come on Ladies…treat yourselves well!

Most of us know what to do to keep ourselves healthy. There is enough information out there to keep us all informed. For example, Oprah, the Dr. Phil show, CNN, or even the Food channel, which is one of my most favorite shows. And how about all the great books that have been written on the subject. My personal favorites are The Real Age Makeover by Dr. Roizen or The Perricone Prescription by Dr. Nichols Perricone. These are some of the wonderful resources that we can use to keep us fit and healthy.

We all talk about the concept that God has given us purpose, or a divine destiny to fulfill his will through our lives. And we need our health and energy to experience the journey. Not to mention our children and family who depend on us to be there for them, guiding and supporting with love and wisdom. “Ladies we are valuable”!

So I encourage you to live with purpose, and value. It is worth the sacrifice in making good choices every time the menu is handed to you or when we are shopping for food at the grocery store. Even when friends have you over for dinner and make their favorite delicious fatty foods. Begin to think about your goals in life, and how you “will” achieve them!

Healthy living is a trade off, you trade the sweets for a desirable size, a burger and fries for energy and a 30 minute walk per day for feeling alive. I often call a friend, and say, “I need some oxygen” let’s go walk on the beach, meet you at Pacific Way in an hour! During my walk, “I feel like I’m alive”! It’s my moment of…. it’s my piece of the pie, it’s when I can feel His Presence. God is interacting with everything that we do…after all He
is the Giver of Life! Take the road of health, energy and self discipline, your gonna like the way you feel!

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